9 Breweries In Colorado You MUST Check Out!

As a native of the state, It's no secret that Colorado makes some of the most essential beers in America, and therefore, the world. "How do I pick among the state's 350-plus craft breweries?" It is a common question many people in Colorado are asking themselves. Everyone in Colorado seemingly has their favorite variety of local craft beer. Whether you live in the state, or you’re traveling through there’s a beer for everyone! Note: If you’re consuming alcohol, use a designated driver and consume responsibly. Alcohol consumption is only allowed in Colorado for those 21 and over.*

  1. Far from your ordinary brewery, NBB was founded by Jeff Lebesch in 1991 after he gained inspiration on a bike tour through Belgium. Although he was made fun of for the fat tires he had on his bike, no one is laughing at him now that he is gaining fat stacks -- the company had over $180 million in sales last year. NBB is also known for being 100% employee-owned, and getting 90% of their power from the wind.

2. Resting at 9,545 feet, visitors can enjoy a wide range of brews while taking in the scenery with mountain peaks ranging in color from fiery red to turquoise to lavish green and lavender. Locals love this brewery favorite for daytime and evening sipping with friends.

3. Adam Avery took notice of the craft beer industry early on before it became so popular. So when he saw Colorado residents beginning to experiment with all sorts of beers, he created Avery and began making brews at all ends of the boozy spectrum. Avery batches all kinds of year-rounders from light and refreshing brews, to dark, full-bodied quads that you'll want to sip slowly, lest your night end early.

4. 4 Noses Brewing Company- Broomfield

Catch your favorite food trucks on-site at this popular Colorado brewery including Lucky Bird, Yummy’s, Burger Chief, Moontime Crepes, and more. This family of 5- traveled around the world meeting other brewers and enjoying a variety of delicious beers, where they discovered a passion for crafting their own unique flavor. These beers will evolve through constant experimentation to create increasingly higher levels of quality blond ales, spicy stouts, dark porters, and hoppy concoctions—most notably their ‘rose’ batches, the Seasonable IPA’s.

5. What better to do with an old 1915 grain elevator than to turn it into a brewery? The founders of Odell had this vision back in the '80s (before it became cool). Since then, the brewery has expanded twice, increasing its capability to 45,000 barrels of deliciousness that find their way to 11 states across the country, plus Great Britain and Ireland!

6. In 1994, just as the fledgling craft beer industry was starting to gather steam in Colorado, Mike and Amanda Bristol settled comfortably in the lap of Pikes Peak and started hand-brewing fresh, distinctive ales for the locals in Colorado Springs.

Today, their beers are available on draught and in six-packs, four-packs, and bombers across the state. And Mike and Amanda have been joined by a cast of characters that make magic happen at Bristol every day. Collectively, they are a family of smart, friendly people who really love beer. “We love the glorious flavor. We love the global tradition and history. We love the art and science of brewing. And the pure contentment of enjoying a pint at the end of the day.”

7. Every brewery has a style or a focus when it comes to its beers it is usually what they are most passionate about. The team is all about Belgians and IPAs, and the IPAs are becoming every Colorado beer drinker’s must-have. The team’s unique take on both beer styles and the fun outdoor patio and overall atmosphere make this a fun brewery that isn’t all that different from Denver.

Recommended Beer: In The Steep — this juicy and hazy IPA alone is worth the trip up to Frisco.

8. Unless you are particularly ambitious, the trip to his brewery should be part of a weekend trip. The beers represent the Aspen Valley in both name and vibe. The brewery’s location is perfect for watching people come down the mountain year-round.

9. Just like Hulk Hogan, GD beers are known for being strong. More than half of their beers come with an ABV north of 7%, and their muscle beer, Old Ruffian, has a tipping point of 10.2%. Making beers that's so boozy and highly drinkable is an art -- one which Great Divide has mastered thoroughly.

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